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accu-kut CNC Plasma Cutter


  • Best in plasma cutting machine technologies
  • Compact, unitized, and heavy-duty frame
  • Able to run beveling, tube cutting, and oxy-fuel systems

The accu-kut CNC Plasma Cutter offers near-laser cut quality and accuracy at a fraction of the investment and operating costs as convention CO2 lasers. The accu-kut combines the best in plasma cutting machine technology with over 90 years of superior machine building experience.

Designed and manufactured in the USA the accu-kut CNC Plasma Cutter is the only plasma cutter in the industry that is built to machine tool standards. It is the premium platform for use with all HyDefinition®, HyPerformance®, ProLine® and FineLine® torch systems, allowing users to achieve the optimal utilization of High Density plasma cutting technology.


Dual Plasma Torches Bevel Head 10' Tube Cutting


accucut_sm_photos01Features of the accu-kut Plasma Cutter:

  • Compact, unitized heavy-duty plasma cutter with fully welded and machined frame
  • Available in 6, 8 or 10 ft. (3.0m) widths x 48 ft. (14.6m) in length.
  • Helical rack and pinion drives
  • Optional plasma beveling head
  • Low mass bridge assembly fabricated from high strength extruded aluminum
  • Latest technology digitally controlled (dual X-axis) AC brushless servo drive system using helical rack and pinion in both X- and Y-axis
  • Precision ground and polished helical rack & pinion drives that are positively engaged
  • Hypertherm Automation - EDGE Pro PC based Windows® CNC controller with multi-tasking, large color LCD touch screen, network connectivity and optimum quality process control data base technology
  • Multi-zone air-downdraft system
  • Arc Voltage torch height control
  • QuickSTOP torch collision safety mount
  • AKS accu-kut provides maximum acceleration and deceleration, smooth performance for the most accurate motion control in the industry.

The accu-kut CNC Plasma Cutter cuts metal parts with amazing accuracy and at high speeds. It is the most reliable plasma cutter that you will ever own - today and for many years to come.